Andrea Yerramilli

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Hi, I am Andrea and I am a writer. Those aren’t the words I ever thought I would say, because growing up I never dreamt of being a writer. However, if we all did exactly what we thought we’d grow up and do someday, the world would be full of ballerinas, or ice cream sellers, or lion tamers in the circus.

I love, and have always loved books and stories that have the power to take you on an adventure and give you a taste of things you might never otherwise experience. I have read, and reread some of my favorites and let my mind transport me within the stories. Over time, I began to retell some of those stories and then began to make up some of my own. I began writing these down for my own amusement and pleasure.

AndreaHere is a little more about me, in case you wanted to know. I was born in India and grew up in Bombay. My parents were always involved in the arts and from them I got my early creative influences. I have always tried to find a creative outlet and to do things that inspire me and writing these stories has brought me immense joy and satisfaction. I also enjoy taking pictures of people and things I love. That way I could relive that moment in time, any time I wanted to. My other passion is cooking. I now live in New Jersey with my husband, our two beautiful children, and two wonderful dogs, and they are my world.

I believe that love brings out the best in people, so I encourage you to love one another and make good things happen!!

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